Formerly AVG, Avast Business Cloudcare is dedicated to securing your business with the latest technology and the strongest solutions on the market.  We are excited to bring you the latest offerings from Avast Business.  The all new Avast Business Endpoint Protection solutions combine the strengths of both Avast and AVG technology and product feature sets.
The endpoint protection solutions go far beyond basic antivirus.  Avast's four protection shields: File, Web, E-mail and Behavior provide a robust defense platform that beats competitive solutions to bring you complete antivirus, data and identity protection capabilities.
Avast provides you with peace of mind for you and your business.
This virus removal tool is from Symantec.  It will will advise you of your viruses and also has a free on-line security check for your computer. If you need help with them please call our tech support number at 334-389-0056.
Symantec's antivirus removal tools allow you to go to their site and find the virus that is on your computer.  You can click on the name of the virus to access the removal software.
If you would like to know the current virus threats, click here.
This software is what we recommend to remove malware from your computer. You can download it free and install it onto your computer. Please note: if you do not want to use the trial version then you need to uncheck the top box on the last screen during installation. We recommend letting the software fix any problems it finds.